Sunday, May 24, 2020

W.H.O. is Right about Sweden - Herd Immunity. My experience of living with ongoing COVID-19 ever since 15 February 2020.

May 17, 2020

#HerdImmunity An absolutely bogus concept - says the World Health Organisation (WHO) !! Myself and my partner who live in south Sweden, Skåne, have now been reinfected four times since 15 February when we first got symptoms !! We have had mild to debilitating symptoms - no fever, no pneumonia, no sore throat... Just all other 11 out of 14 symptoms for COVID-19. The WHO is absolutely correct:
- The chances of disease returning and rebounding is quite high!

Damn right it is !! Every time my Swedish partner returns to his job under fortnightly rotation of all staff in an IT company, we get sick again !!! I am completely over the BS to the point where if the Swedish madness continues, we are considering returning to my home country of New Zealand where they confine, track, trace and contain. Death total for NZ is 21 souls with the last new case reported on 22 May and ZERO new deaths for weeks! The NZ strategy was put in place very early. I am absolutely appalled at what's happening in Sweden. We are very lucky that we have a Plan B to turn to. Most people in Sweden do not! 

My partner got permission from his work place to stay home for one month from the end of March until early May - he worked from home. I was so sick and non-functional, and he kept bringing COVID-19 home from his infected work environment. He was also sick all the time - but being a good Swede, he just kept on working without complaining. 

This quarantine made all the difference for us. We healed, recovered, and became healthy again and were able to function normally at last, in the final 2 weeks. He was then commanded to return to work! Results: Twice now in May, we have been reinfected !!! - all because it is required by the Löfven government that people have to physically go to work! In our case, my partner can easily work from home.

We feel like money slaves... No love, no care from this government nor FHM for the people. We are just here to work! Tegnell's strategy is bogus. He's an absolute 100% liar !! It's all about money - and getting rid of the elderly and the "useless".

#UtredningNu !!! #InvestigationNow !!!

COVID-19 symptoms as observed in an early study in China - January or February. Has FHM ever published this list? If not, why not? Doesn't FHM want the Swedish public to know the symptoms of COVID-19 and thereby stop greater spread within the population? Data represents individuals and (%) of people in the study. Clearly, people had multiple symptoms, as we did/do also.

Who cares?

July 4, 2020