Friday, May 1, 2020

Witness to murder. Sweden Public Health Agency (FHM) is killing its elderly. Tell the world! International intervention is needed right now!

From Facebook: 

Sjuksköterska: Äldre kvävs till döds utan syrgas – plågas i dagar
Swedish nurse: Elderly are suffocated to death without oxygen - tormented for days

The interviewer in the video below is Swedish whistleblower Dr Jon Tallinger  in Sweden. This is his video - The woman he is calling is a senior nurse in aged care named Latifa Löfvenberg.

This video starts in Swedish but after around 1 minute, the conversation continues in English. Here's the translation for the first minute of this video...  

Phone call from Dr Jon Tallinger to senior nurse (aged care) Latifa Löfvenberg: 

JT:  "Jon Tallinger [here]. I've just had a long, long interview with the BBC who are willing to write my story that Sweden does not give oxygen to..."

LL:  I understand. I work in the region that has said no to it.

JT:  Is it ok that I record this conversation and we speak in English? - because I want international attention.

LL: Yes. I understand. But my English is not perfect, but you know what I mean... region, commune (city or regional council), etc.

JT:  Yes, yes. I can help you.

JT:  [ continues in English... ]

April 28, 2020


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Please share these two memes.

Let the world know what's happening in Sweden.

Thank you all for your help <3 <3 

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