Friday, May 1, 2020

Witness to murder. Sweden Public Health Agency (FHM) is killing its elderly. Tell the world! International intervention is needed right now!

From Facebook: 

Sjuksköterska: Äldre kvävs till döds utan syrgas – plågas i dagar
Swedish nurse: Elderly are suffocated to death without oxygen - tormented for days

The interviewer in the video below is Swedish whistleblower Dr Jon Tallinger  in Sweden. This is his video - The woman he is calling is a senior nurse in aged care named Latifa Löfvenberg.

This video starts in Swedish but after around 1 minute, the conversation continues in English. Here's the translation for the first minute of this video...  

Phone call from Dr Jon Tallinger to senior nurse (aged care) Latifa Löfvenberg: 

JT:  "Jon Tallinger [here]. I've just had a long, long interview with the BBC who are willing to write my story that Sweden does not give oxygen to..."

LL:  I understand. I work in the region that has said no to it.

JT:  Is it ok that I record this conversation and we speak in English? - because I want international attention.

LL: Yes. I understand. But my English is not perfect, but you know what I mean... region, commune (city or regional council), etc.

JT:  Yes, yes. I can help you.

JT:  [ continues in English... ]

April 28, 2020


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Please share these two memes.

Let the world know what's happening in Sweden.

Thank you all for your help <3 <3 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sweden says COVID-19 strategy works. The numbers tell a different story!

For the full article please go here > The numbers suggest a different story.

Är du i Stockholm? Möt 18:00 idag Tisdag Minnesplats på Mynttorget med familjer till avlidna personer #COVID19

Are you in Stockholm? Meet 18:00 today Tuesday at Minnesplats på Mynttorget with families of deceased persons #COVID19.

Please see the full story here about the memorial Mirrie Gourie has organised outside parliament in Stockholm.

Breaking story

Mirrey Gourie is being interviewed this evening by CNN at Minnesplats på Mynttorget in Stockholm. Please go there with face masks, bandanas or scarves and stand 1 metre apart. Possibility of passing COVID-19 infection will be low since it's an outdoor venue and you have face cover.

Mirrey says: Tonight at 6:39 pm CNN will interview me at Mynttorget !!

I hope the flowers and candles are still there. Anyone can pass by?

Questions to be raised:

- How was it to lose your beloved father to covid-19?

- What do you think about the care he was given?

- What do you think about the government's response to the virus?

- How would you have wanted the government to act?

- Tell us about your Facebook initiative to gather people who have lost a loved one?

On Facebook: Mirrey May Gourie

Ikväll kl 18:39 kommer CNN att intervjua mig på Mynttorget!!
Jag hoppas blommorna/ljusen finns kvar. Någon som kan gå förbi?
Jag kommer att fylla på med blommor idag också.

Here is the location of the memorial. Please tell other people you know. Thank you for helping at such short notice <3 <3

More information about Mirrey's story to be added soon...

Update 30 April 2020 (link)

Deaths climb in country that didn't lock down. How will this end?

Who cares?

July 4, 2020