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VIDEO of 55 year old woman dying. Denied oxygen by Swedish hospital. Very rare video evidence. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Her daughter wants her story out. Please share on all outlets. Thanks.

May 10, 2020
by Dr. Whistleblower Jon Tallinger  - 16K subscribers

This woman is 55 years old. She was denied oxygen because it was determined she didn't need it. Her daughter pled for oxygen or sedation but was denied. This is happening right now in Sweden to thousands of the weak and elderly behind locked doors where it is forbidden to visit. In that way this footage is unique. Nobody is there to see or show what's going on. We are pleading for outside help. Swedish media is silencing this. This is the big genocide in Sweden 2020... The culling of the weak. All in the name of herd immunity strategy.  (in Swedish)

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Translation of Swedish Samhällsnytt article following. I have made some corrections to the Google translation in the text below, thanks to my Swedish-speaking partner. Originally published in English by Investment Watch (USA).

VIDEO: Here Anita Pettersson dies of corona without care - struggles for air but is denied oxygen

Anita Pettersson, a 55-year-old woman from Borlänge, has been denied care by Falu laser and died tormented by corona. Her daughter Alexandra has recorded her obituary and wants the shocking video proof to be spread to the public.

Anita Pettersson was admitted to Falu Lasarett with confirmed COVID-19 infection at the end of March. But despite her condition gradually deteriorating, she was denied both oxygen and intensive care units - despite the fact that there were vacant intensive care units at the hospital, according to her daughter.

In the end, the relatives were let in to "say goodbye", because the health service decided that Anita would not live so long. That's when the daughter recorded the shocking video. The video shows how the woman struggles to get air. There are also bruises on her hands that often occur in seriously ill people in COVID-19 as a result of blood clots. Although the doctor prescribed morphine to relieve the cramps, the staff refused to use it. The only thing Anita got, according to her daughter who works as a nurse herself, was soothing.

Doctor Jon Tallinger in several posts on Facebook noted the need for oxygen for COVID-19 patients has published the video with several comments. He calls the treatment Anita received from the health service "abuse and torture".

Alexandra is very critical of the care her mother received. She tells us (Samhällsnytt) by phone:

- I thought they were completely wrong. Mom would pull up the oxygen mask, and after a while she would take it down again because of the pressure against her skin. They interpreted this as not wanting oxygen. They told me "She is uncomfortable and worried about the mask". But that is not true because it is clear how she struggles to get air.

Why do you want the information about what happened to your mother to reach the public?

- I want people to see how horrible both what the virus does and spread the knowledge to others that this is the case if you don't get oxygen and what happens behind closed doors.

The daughter asked the staff to move Anita to an intensive care unit, but this too was refused. The health care staff decided that the woman would not benefit from intensive care. Later, she learned that the hospital had vacant intensive care units at this time.

The video above (on this blog article) is a unique testimony of what is happening in the Swedish healthcare system behind closed doors, according to Alexandra, because relatives are rarely admitted. This time, an exception was made because Anita was in an infectious ward with a separate entrance.

Please share this article far and wide. 

The world needs to see what is happening in Sweden.

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